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Cardiology - Dermatology - Physiotherapy/hydrotherapy - Internistic consultation - Internistic consultation cat - Neurological consultation - Making an MRI scan - Orthopedic consultation - Oncological consultation - Specialist radiology/ultrasound - Dentistry - Birds, exotics, small mammals - Soft tissue surgery

Cardiological consultation Alternating days
Caroline Melis
Dermatology Tuesday
Marjan Timmer
Physiotherapy/hydrotherapy Monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Claudi Leijten, Femke Bouw, Anouk Blijlevens
Internistic consultation Monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Nicole van Werven, Geert Paes
Internistic consultation cat Alternating days
Pam Hooijmaaijer, Geert Paes
Neurological consultation Every workday
Iris van Soens, Niklas Bergknut, Koen Santifort, Gineke Peetsold
Making an MRI scan Every workday
Orthopedic consultation Monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Govert van der Peijl
Oncological consultation Monday, friday
Arno Roos, Samantha ten Hoope
Specialist radiology/ultrasound Tuesday and in the even weeks on Wednesday
Making an CT scan Every workday
Ultrasound veterinarian Every workday
Dentistry Monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Erik van der Kamp
Birds, Exotics, small mammals Monday, tuesday, thursday, friday
Marc Maas, Gineke Peetsold
Soft tissue surgery Every workday, specialist on tuesday
Joachim Proot, Lars de Jong
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