Pet Rehabilitation

Animal hospital "Hart van Brabant" collaborates with ‘Fysio voor Dieren’ which is led by Physiotherapist Claudi Leijten.

Claudi Leijten is a member of the Dutch Association for Physiotherapy in Animals (N.V.F.D.) and a graduate of osteopath for animals (ICREO). In the hospital Physio for Animals has its own treatment room with hydrotherapy. Physio for Animals treats various conditions in close consultation with our veterinarians. Everything to make recovery after surgery smoother, control pain and optimize performance. We also advise on sports fitness and can advise you on training programs to help prevent injury.

Treatment indications in pet animals include:

  • Osteoarthritis and age-related symptoms
  • Joint problems such as OCD, LPC, LPA, ED, HD
  • Back and neck problems
  • Hernia, spondylosis, lumbosacral instability
  • Paralysis and ataxia (imbalance disruption and movement coordination)
  • Rehabilitation after bone fractures and surgery of back and joints
  • Acute injury to muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons after injury or accident
  • Muscle diseases

But in addition, the following symptoms may also be an indication of physiotherapy treatment:  

  • Stiffer to get up or sit down
  • A few steps crippled walk after long lying or after a long walk
  • Harder to jump in or on something, move stiffer, run slower

Claudi Leijten is also a certified osteopath. For further information, visit the Website of Physio for Animals .

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