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What is a referral?

In Europe and also in the Netherlands veterinary referrals have become common. This system allows your veterinarian to refer complicated cases to a colleague with more specific knowledge and skills or even to a certified veterinary specialist. An animal hospital has several options for more specialised diagnostics and treatment that might not be available in what is called ‘the First Line’ clinics.

Why Evidensia Dierenziekenhuis Hart van Brabant?

Why choose Evidensia Dierenziekenhuis Hart van Brabant?

Hart van Brabant is a multi-disciplinary hospital for Small Animals where veterinary practitioners throughout the country can refer patients to for diagnosis and treatment of complex cases.

The expertise of our vets and specialists comprises Internal Medicine, Soft Tissue Surgery, Dermatology, Oncology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Dentistry, Exotics and Fysiotherapy. This combined expertise forms a truly multidisciplinary team, capable of offering complementary services.

All of our veterinarians are either European certified Specialists or highly differentiated in their specific field of interest. All of them regularly attend courses and Conferences to keep their expertise up to date. We have at our disposal a wide choice of diagnostic means including endoscopy, laparoscopy, ultrasound, radiography, Computed Tomography (CT) and a 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machine.

Our vets work in teams with experienced technicians and nurses to provide excellent care and service to our patients and their owners. Our core values are: expertise, top-quality care and hospitality.

We are located (as the name indicates) in the Heart of Brabant (Eerste Zeine 112, Waalwijk) and we offer ample parkingspace.

We are more than willing to discuss difficult cases with referring vets by phone or e-mail, without the obligation of a resultant referral. You can always ask your veterinarian to get into contact with us. We work solely on referral by your local veterinarian.

How to prepare

Should I prepare my pet for the consultation?

We ask you to refrain your pet from food from 20.00h the day prior to the consultation, unless there is a medical necessity not to do so. Drinking is allowed unless an endoscopic examination is planned. In that case water should be refrained for four hours. Fasting is necessary because your pet might undergo sedation or anesthesia, for instance to undergo an examination involving ultrasound or radiography/CT/MRI. Furthermore results of bloodtesting - when necessary - are more reliable after fasting. Does your pet use medication? Please check with us if this medication should be omitted prior to the consultation/diagnostic procedure.

During my stay

What happens after making an appointment?

Unless your case is a medical emergency, we have already had contact with your referring local veterinarian, so your pet’s data is already in our computer system. When you arrive at our hospital one of our vets or technicians will run through the forwarded information together with you and might ask some additional questions. To ensure most up-to-date information, preferably the person that primarily takes care of the pet should be present at the consultation, so the best possible diagnostic and therapeutic options can be discussed. After that we will give you an estimation of the costs as accurately as possible.


If it is not possible to plan all investigations in a short time, we might propose to hospitalize your pet for further investigations. We have separate hospital wards for dogs, cats and exotics. The nurses will do all that is in their power to ensure your pet a comfortable stay. We will provide a basket or bed as well as food and water. If your pet has a special diet or medication, please take it with you to the animal hospital. The hospital is open 24/7 and there is always somebody present in the hospital wards.

Our Vets always try to be as punctual as possible, but sometimes emergencies occur that cause delays. We always try to avoid delays as much as possible.

Will my pet have to be shaved?

Often it is necessary to shave the leg or neck of a pet in case of blood sampling. In the case of ultrasound examination or surgery, the area that will be examined or operated will have to be shaved. Your pet’s hair will generally regrow fast.

Can I inform how my pet is doing?

You will be phoned by the veterinarian on duty after the round in the morning has ended. In most cases these phonecalls will be made during the morning in between patient treatments. We will call you, please don’t call us yourself. Of course we will inform the owners of critical patients first.

In case of a deterioration of the situation of a patient during the day, we will inform you. Therefore it is very important that you leave a telephone number with us and keep the phone with you at all times, so we are able to contact you.

Can I visit my pet?

Of course it is possible to visit your pet and often your visit will even be beneficial for your pet. In some cases however, a visit can disturb the necessary rest of your pet (or other pets), in which case we will discourage you to do so. Your pet will be very happy to see you, but will also be stressed when you will leave again. Visiting is therefore only possible after confirmation of the veterinarian on duty. Visiting hours are between 16.30-17.30h. We ask you - with the rest of the pets in mind - not to visit the ward with more than 2 persons.


What care will my pet need after a visit to the Dierenziekenhuis?

We will discuss all the aftercare on the moment of release of your pet. We will provide instructions for medication, diet and exercise. In case of an operation we will inform you about the wound care your pet needs. We will also inform your local veterinarian in full.



The expected costs will be discussed with you beforehand. You will be asked to sign a paper in which you declare to be informed about the estimated involved costs and that you consent to pay. Payment by invoice is not possible. You can pay in cash or with debit card.

Even though we do not accept payment trough billing, we know that sometimes it can be difficult to pay the bill. There are several options available. Click here to learn more.

Feedback form


We would love to hear your thoughts! Please fill in our feedback form below.

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Waalwijk / Den Bosch

While waiting

In Waalwijk and the surrounding areas there is plenty to enjoy. You can either wait in the hospital or go about and enjoy the surroundings.

In the Waalwijk city-centre we recommend:

Or you could visit the famous walking area De Loonse en Drunense Duinen (approx. 3-5 mins. by car):

  • De Galgenwiel, possibilities for renting a bike and enjoying the area and Dunes
  • Brasserie het genieten, terrific if you brought your children: there is an Indoor Playhall and an Outdoor Water-playground!


  • McDonalds
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken

And of course, there is the famous Amusement Park Efteling which is only a 5 mins. drive away.

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