Our orthopaedic department is led by Govert van der Peijl Evidensia Vet specialist Orthopaedics. Together with highly differentiated veterinarians (including Lars de Jong) and vet nurses the department of orthopaedics is run. One of our operating theatres is fully equipped to treat complex orthopaedic cases. Diagnostics on the department is supported by digital X-ray, ultrasound, CT (Martijn Breukers) and if applicable MRI.

Common orthopaedic cases that we treat in the referral centre Evidensia Animal Hospital Hart van Brabant in Waalwijk :

  • Bone fractures (Fractures)

We treat all forms of fracture healing (osteogenesis) of the extremities (front and hind legs), spine and skull. Examples of fractures include growth disc fractures, intra-articular (joint) fractures, open (infected) fractures and simple fractures to very complicated fractures. Depending on the type of fracture, they are fixed internally or externally.

- Internal fixation: AO/ASIF (Kirschner wires (pins), Zuggurtung principle (pins and tension), shaft pins, fixation and pull screws and hollow (tensile) screws, DCP (Dynamic Compression Bone Plates), reconstruction plates, bridging plates, LCP (Angular Compression Bone Plates) with angle stable and angle variable screws.  
- External fixatie: IMEX External Skelet Fixer (ESF), full Ring- of een half circular Ring (hybrid) Fixer .

  • Arthrodesis

An arthrodesis is performed when a joint or ligaments are so damaged or painful that it can no longer be surgically repaired. In the case of arthrodesis, the cartilage between the joint surfaces is removed, after which the bone ends are fixed in the most functional position. Many executed arthrodeses are

- Pancarpal arthrodesis a complete stiffening of the carpus (wrist).
- Partial carpal arthrodesis partial stiffening with largely maintaining the motility of the carpus.
- Pantarsal arthrodesis a complete stiffening of the tarsus (heel).
- Partial tarsal arthrodesis partial stiffening with largely maintaining the mobility of the tarsus.

  • Shoulder problems such as OCD at a young age and Biceps tendon disorders later in life.
  • Elbow problems such as LPA, LPC, and OCD that are often treated with Arthroscopy (small viewing tube in the joint).
  • Hip head luxation that can be surgically restored or sometimes removed.
  • Medial and Lateral Patella luxatie (a loose kneecap that can slip to the inside or to the outside of the slip plane)
  • Achilles tendon trauma

Surgical techniques for a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (VKBR) include:

  • TTO (Triple Tibial Osteotomy), a modification of the TPLO and TTA in which the stabilization of the knee is caused by an adjustment of the leg.
  • mCCWO (modified Cranial Closing Wedge Osteotomy),also an operation in which stabilization of the knee is caused by an adjustment of the leg. This operation is often performed in smaller dogs and cats.
  • TightRope (Arthrex), an operation in which a strong rein is placed on the outside of the knee joint isometrically placed while maintaining the normal mobility (Range of Motion, ROM) of the knee joint. The TightRope can be applied to the average dog and the heavy dog breeds. A Mini Tight Rope has been designed for the light breeds and cats.
  • SAS (Suture Anchor Systeem Arthrex), also an operation in which a strong rein is placed on the outside of the joint isometrically placed with an eye anchor while maintaining the normal mobility of the knee joint.

With each case, during a consultation, we look at the best treatment for the patient and in surgical treatment techniques are discussed with costs so that the owner is well informed in order to make a good decision.

Our services are not limited as described above so you feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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