The Neurology department is led by dr. Niklas Bergknut DVM, PHD, Dipl. ECVN. Niklas is head of Neurology at IVC Evidensia the Netherlands. 

The field of neurology concerns all diseases related to the brain, spinal cord, nerves and muscles that are controlled by it. Examples include epilepsy, hernia, stroke, muscle inflammation, paralysis symptoms.

Veterinarians in primary care can refer to our neurology department. In addition, our hospital is also a training institution for specialists in training for European Neurology Specialists in our hospital. This training, which Koen Santifort now follows, lasts 3 years. We have access to state-of-the-art technology such as a high-field MRI scanner, CT scanner, electro-diagnostic equipment and a state of the art operating room to provide the best care to our patients.

High-field MRI studies in particular are of great added value in many patients. This allows us to look at the brain, spinal cord and nerves and locate the problems. Based on this information, the best treatment plan can be chosen. Our medical imaging specialist, Martijn Beukers, assesses the images. For further information (NL) on the use of the MRI click here.

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Often such a treatment plan also includes surgery. For example, for a hernia, in which dogs sometimes develop paralysis very quickly and have a lot of pain, surgery is often necessary. Speed is also important. At the ‘Hart van Brabant’ animal hospital, our emergency doctors are there for you 24/7 and we always do our best to give the animal the best care as soon as possible.

After surgery, physiotherapy is often recommended. By working with colleagues in this department, we can give our patients an even better chance of a good recovery. We work in the hospital together with the physiotherapy practice 'Fysio voor Dieren'.

Owners sometimes ask the question: 'Does it make sense to use an MRI scan to look for a problem in my animal's brain? There's nothing you can do about that,' A good example to the contrary, that we can do something about it, is the case below where our team, led by our anesthesiologist Jiske l'Ami and neurosurgeon Niklas Bergknut, removed a brain tumor in a cat. In this way, we work together with all our specialist colleagues from various departments to help our patients as well as possible.

MRI meningitis tumor cat

MRI-scan of a cat with a meningitis tumor

meningitis tumor cat

Photo of the tumor after removal next to a model of a cat skull

After the first visit to the neurologist, one or two control visits are often scheduled, to monitor the therapy and patient and adjust it where necessary. After that, if possible, the check visits are made to the referring veterinarian.

On behalf of all our team members, we wish all our neurology patients the best. Do you have an animal with a neurological problem under treatment as a veterinarian, or do you own it? Feel free to contact our animal hospital Hart van Brabant.

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