Feline medicine

Our cat medicine department is led by veterinarian Pam Hooijmaaijer, despite feline medicine being not an officially recognized specialism, she has followed several high-quality training courses that give her extensive expertise in this sub-field. Without being exhaustive, these further training courses include: 

Feline Internal Medicine, Sydney University
Feline Emergencies, Sydney University
Feline Medicine Distance Coaching, Continuing Education, Platinum CPD
Feline Internal Medicine, European School of Advanced Veterinary Studies

Feline medicine and cat behaviour are inextricably linked. Small changes in behavior can mean major changes in the animal's health. In order to finally arrive at a correct diagnosis, together with the multidisciplinary team of Hart van Brabant we can make use of all the diagnostic possibilities that the hospital offers. Such as extensive laboratory examinations and medical imaging incl ultrasound, X-ray, CT and MRI.

You can contact Pam with your cat after referral from your veterinarian, if your cat is sick or has different behaviors signs, such as urinating in the house, sleeping more or if you notice that there is something else, but can't describe exactly what.

Why a separate cat consultation?

Because cats aren't small dogs. Their behavior, but also (age-related) diseases are different. Sometimes diseases seem the same, but the cause is different and the treatment will be different.

Because the cat's natural behavior means that they will not show pain and discomfort quickly. Unfortunately, this makes them their own worst enemy. They make it almost impossible for humans to recognize diseases at an early stage. Especially the stubborn oldies, who can also have several inconveniences at the same time.

Because cat medicine goes hand in hand with the behavior, both will be part of the diagnostics and treatment.

What can you and your cat expect during a consultation?

Time. For you to tell what your concern is about your cat. For your cat the time to recover from the trip and explore the consultation area at ease.

Relaxation. By giving your cat time, she will feel like she has control over the environment, then make anxious feelings room for calm.

Cooperation. Together we create a plan where the quality of life for your cat is central and your personal wishes are taken into account.

Is your cat very anxious* during the trip and/or the consultation? Please contact us. We will discuss the various possibilities to reduce anxiety together.

(*)Most cats make themselves small and have large pupils when they are afraid, urinating/relieving in the travel basket, anxiety aggression and hard meowing also occurs.

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