The Department of Dentistry is led by Dental veterinarian Erik van der Kamp, former chairman of the Veterinary Dentistry Working Group, with many years of dental experience.

The dentistry department uses the most modern dental instrumentation and the latest techniques. Of course, a detal X-ray machine is at our disposal, but in addition, CT or MRI can be used if desired.

Areas of dentistry include:

  • Advanced periodontitis
  • Extractions. Think of resorption lesions in cats or other tricky extractions.
  • Restorations of caries or glaze defects
  • Treatment of broken teeth or molars
  • Endodontic treatments
  • Crowns Orthodontics
  • Dentistry in rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas
  • Oral surgery (tumors, cleft palate, oro-nasal fistulas)
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0416 - 745 414

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Eerste Zeine 112 5144 AM Waalwijk If you have an appointment for a consultation, or you want to reach us by phone, we are open from 08:30 am.
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0416 - 745 414